“9/11 Taught Differently Around The World,” WBUR

My research on the events of 9/11 and its aftermath in history textbooks across the globe was recently featured on WBUR’s “All Things Considered.”  You can listen to the audio (above) and read the transcript (below) from my interview, or get  it all on WBUR’s website as well.

Full transcript, with interview by Sacha Pfeiffer.

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“the lessons,” new york times

I was recently quoted in the New York Times on the way in which 9/11 is being taught in history classes around the world.  The article is currently running in their special for the anniversary of the event, entitled, “9/11: The Reckoning.”

Click through to read the full article, “The Lesson” by NY Times education reporter Tamar Lewin.


special 9/11 edition

The attacks of 9/11 depicted on the covers of French (l) and Norwegian (r) secondary school social science textbooks.

In order to mark the tenth anniversary of 9/11, “The Stories We Tell” has shifted its focus to examining the way in which the event has been remembered in the decade since.  Check back throughout the week for features on the way narratives on the event have been shaped, both at home and abroad.