new photos: banditos’ pillow fight

feathers, feathers

Finally got those photos up from World Pillow Day 2009, hosted by the Banditos Misteriosos (Boston’s very own flash mob) in Columbus Park downtown. Feathers everywhere! Full set here.


technology goes home

I’m in the middle of working on a piece for Technology Goes Home, a fantastic program that runs through the Boston Public Schools, providing 24-hour workshops on computer literacy and internet safety for students and their families.  Over the course of many weeks, it teaches various skills, from building a PowerPoint presentation to activating I-Safe filters, and at the end of the program participants can purchase a computer, fully-loaded with Microsoft Office, for a mere $90.

I knew this would be a challenge when I took this assignment on – I’ve never written a feature of this length or depth before.  But what I’m learning through the process is both surprising and exciting: how to conduct a better interview, the make-up of Boston’s city-wide school system, how far parent engagement in a school can really go – the list goes on.

Unfortunately, the story’s hitting a few road bumps in the form of the swine flu – many schools in the Boston area are closed for a week, which casts an ominous shadow over the graduation celebrations, which are scheduled for May 30th.  But I’m plugging along anyway, and a hoping to get a draft done sometime soon (before then, at least).  Just finished transcribing, now finally onto the fun part!  Perhaps I’ll post bits and pieces here as they come about.