special 9/11 edition

The attacks of 9/11 depicted on the covers of French (l) and Norwegian (r) secondary school social science textbooks.

In order to mark the tenth anniversary of 9/11, “The Stories We Tell” has shifted its focus to examining the way in which the event has been remembered in the decade since.  Check back throughout the week for features on the way narratives on the event have been shaped, both at home and abroad.


mailing address!

So I think I’ve misled some of you about how to send letters over here to Dhaka.  While it IS possible to ship them to my apartment address, it’s also possible, and perhaps has a greater likelihood of actually making it to Dhaka, if you ship it though the embassy.  Plus, that means you don’t have to post letters abroad, making it way cheaper!  It’s a slightly weird address, which is below:

Elizabeth Herman, Fulbright
American Embassy Dhaka
6120 Dhaka Place
Dulles, VA 20189

It’s a letter-writing kind of day over here – a little too hot to roam around outside, with lovely light and a clear view through the window.   So let me know if you’re itching for some snail mail!!


10,000 words: a journalist’s to-do list

Stumbled across this great blog – 10,000 words: where journalism and technology meet – in looking for audio slideshow software tips, and now can’t get enough of their recs. They have a great checklist of to-dos for aspiring journalists, and I wanted to pass along a few of the better, and more manageable ones.

  • Start a blog and post at least twice a week
  • Shoot 100 amazing photos and post them on Flickr
  • Improve at least 5 Wikipedia entries
  • Create an audio slideshow using Soundslides
  • Shoot and edit a 3-minute video and post it to YouTube
  • Create and maintain a Delicious account with at least 50 links that you find interesting
  • Create an online portfolio
  • Learn another computer language besides HTML (e.g. XML, PHP, MySQL)
  • Learn how to create a basic slideshow in Flash
  • Subscribe to at least 25 non-journalism blogs using an RSS reader
  • Record, edit and embed a 3-minute piece of audio.
  • Interview 10 people using a handheld audio recorder
  • Create a multimedia project that incorporates, video, audio, and text

Check out the full list here.

Showed it to Jess, who said, “oh this list makes me nauseous…sooo much is expected of journalists – who will not get paid nearly enough for it all.”  True!  But who doesn’t love a challenge?