[EXPOSURE]/aftermath project gallery is up!

After many hours of labor, love, and levels, the exhibit of the work produced during the [EXPOSURE]/Aftermath Project workshop in Ajmer, Rajasthan, India is up!  Swing by Slater Concourse Gallery in the  Aidekman Arts Center to check it out, and read more about students’ works.  Mine is up here!


american teens in israel

An article entitled “American Teens are Fighting Back in Israel” in Details describes how more young, Jewish-American teens are moving into settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories and are not hesitating to use violent means against those – including the Israeli army – who attempt to evict them.  It makes for a bone-chilling, yet absolutely vital read.

When I meet the Goldberg family in January, Israel’s war against Hamas in Gaza is reaching its end, and Lenny—who is not legally permitted to carry a weapon after a mid-nineties crackdown on Kahane supporters—is frustrated with the military’s strategy, which involves sending soldiers into Gaza. Like many other hard-line settlers, Lenny is not hesitant to express views that most Israelis would consider abhorrent.

“I want them to bomb all of Gaza, even if they kill all the civilians,” Lenny says. “You have to firebomb all of Gaza and not let one Jew get hurt.”

“We can erase them in no time,” Yehuda says of the Palestinians. “But the government won’t let us do it.”

“How does it feel to meet a Jewish terrorist?” asks Yekutiel Ben Yaakov, the guard-dog trainer, laughing, when we meet at a café in the large settlement of Ariel.

“We’re heading toward a situation where in all likelihood there will be bloodshed between Jews,” he says. “I say this with a heavy heart.”