one love photo

Before/after shooting Becky & Brian’s wedding last month, I spent a good amount of time poking around wedding photography sites, looking for inspiration.  Most are quite impressive, with all the ‘right shots’, ones that would absolutely make you swoon.  But only one – One Love Photo – truly stole my heart.

Their story alone is enough to win you over – a young wife-husband team shooting weddings, together.  If that wasn’t enough, get this: they still shoot film.  And not just standard 35mm, medium format, too!  With Hasselblads, Holgas, homemade lenses – the works.  You name it, they’ve done it.  And done it beautifully.

I’m now following their RSS feed, eagerly awaiting new posts.  It’s so refreshing to the commercial photography world shaken up a bit.  Film lives!

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whimsical utility

This is a relentless age we’re living in, a time when innovative solutions — or any solutions, for that matter — to our seemingly infinite problems seem in short supply.

So how do we come up with new ideas? How do we learn to think outside of normal parameters? Are the processes in place for doing so flawed? Do we rely too much on computer models? On consultants? On big-idea gurus lauding the merits of tribes and crowds or of starfish and spiders? On Twitter?

At the risk of sounding like a big-idea guru myself, I can’t help thinking that we’re all so mired in it that we’ve forgotten how to get out of it — how to daydream, invent, engage with the absurd.

Allison Arieff of NYT’s By Design blog in a recent piece on Steven M. Johnson, who she describes as an “inventor/author/cartoonist/former urban planner,” whose designs tend “toward the nodes where social issues intersect with design and urban planning issues.”  They’re ideas that are absurd, but delightfully so, and in the way that makes you quietly think, “Now why didn’t I think of that?”

Below, a few of his designs.