technology goes home

I’m in the middle of working on a piece for Technology Goes Home, a fantastic program that runs through the Boston Public Schools, providing 24-hour workshops on computer literacy and internet safety for students and their families.  Over the course of many weeks, it teaches various skills, from building a PowerPoint presentation to activating I-Safe filters, and at the end of the program participants can purchase a computer, fully-loaded with Microsoft Office, for a mere $90.

I knew this would be a challenge when I took this assignment on – I’ve never written a feature of this length or depth before.  But what I’m learning through the process is both surprising and exciting: how to conduct a better interview, the make-up of Boston’s city-wide school system, how far parent engagement in a school can really go – the list goes on.

Unfortunately, the story’s hitting a few road bumps in the form of the swine flu – many schools in the Boston area are closed for a week, which casts an ominous shadow over the graduation celebrations, which are scheduled for May 30th.  But I’m plugging along anyway, and a hoping to get a draft done sometime soon (before then, at least).  Just finished transcribing, now finally onto the fun part!  Perhaps I’ll post bits and pieces here as they come about.


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